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Let's know your size
"Men's size / Women's size" found in chopsticks and bowls. This is a fixed size created in the Edo period, and is based on the height of men and women and the average size of hands at that time. However, it is no longer possible to say that the body shape ratio of men and women is uniform, so it is important to choose chopsticks that match the size of your hand.
First of all, let's measure your size by the following method.
The size of chopsticks that fits your hand is "Hito(one) Ata"

Chopsticks that fit the size of the user's hand are the easiest to hold, and the balance of appearance is also beautiful.
The length of chopsticks that fits your hand is "One Ata".
The length of the thumb and forefinger spread at a right angle is "One Ata". 1.5 times as much as "One Ata"  is "One and a half Ata".
* There are individual differences in usability.
Based on your size, try to find chopsticks with a length and thickness that are easy to use.
Chopsticks that fit the size of your hand for your child

Especially with chopsticks that are too big for your child's small hands, they will not be able to use the chopsticks correctly.
We recommend that you change your chopsticks as their hands grow, just as you would buy new shoes for them.
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Chopsticks that fit the size of your hand for your child

At Hyozaemon, we offer chopsticks of various sizes according to the size of hands.
We recommend "size chopsticks" that you can choose from 12 sizes, and "Parent-child chopsticks親子箸" that are matched for  parents and children use the same shape of chopsticks together.
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