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"Manners" is an optimized expression of respect and affection for things.
Even in the act of using chopsticks, we have cultivated the aesthetic sense and etiquette peculiar to Japanese people in its long history.
Why don't you review the manners of chopsticks again while keeping "the ability to think about why you should do it" and "the heart to cherish".
How to use chopsticks
beautifully (three hands)
   ❶                             ❷                             ❸                               ❹
Take chopsticks with your right hand
Receive chopsticks with your left hand
This is the correct
way to hold
Holding with your
right hand
​ Correct way to hold and move chopsticks
​ Correct use
of chopsticks
Basically, use a chopstick tip 1.5 to 3 cm and eat it without getting too dirty.
It has long been said that "the tip of chopsticks is Go-bun long, and one inch long."
* "Go-bun" = half the length of one inch. About 1.5 cm
* "Issun" = one tenth of one feet. About 3 cm.
This is a guideline for the times when people used to eat food little by little with their mouths, so it is now considered good to have a chopstick tip of about 4 cm.
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