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What is Daddy Long "Chopsticks" Project?

At Hyozaemon, the purpose is to present new chopsticks to children in child's home, as well as two chopsticks specialty stores, Nihon Chopsticks (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) and Design Production Total Design Center (Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture). We are proceeding with the Daddy Long "Chopsticks"
With the purchase of a set of chopsticks for Daddy Long "Chopsticks", a new set of chopsticks will be presented to children living in child's home from the project.

There are about 600 child's home all over Japan, and about 30,000 children live for various reasons. Many continue to use the chopsticks they originally picked up, even if they don't fit or surfaces come off.

"Getting new chopsticks" Such a little thing leads to the smiles of children in child's home. The person who gave the chopsticks (Daddy Long "Chopsticks" ) can also feel warm.
The "Daddy Long "Chopsticks"
 project was born from the desire to create a happy atmosphere that spreads such smiles.

​ An example of chopsticks as gift
Our wishes


The fun of choosing chopsticks by carefully examining the shape and color at the store, the excitement of having a first meal with new chopsticks, the ease of use, the wonderful design, and the conversation born from a set of chopsticks. And the memorable scenes are different for each person.

At Hyozaemon, we always think, "We don't just make and sell chopsticks, we want to deliver things that spread from chopsticks."
When using the chopsticks I got through this project, I hope that children who don't know their names far away and Daddy Long "Chopsticks", who may be nearby, can share a little excitement and a little happiness. 

This project should be carried out with the help of everyone. I hope you will continue to support us so that children everywhere can live a healthy and happy life.

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