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Chopsticks also food

At Hyozaemon, based on the recognition that the chopsticks that enter the mouth are "food," the pure lacquer that is not mixed with other ingredients is registered as the trademark "Virgin lacquer," and "Virgin lacquer is used for all chopstick tips from Hyozaemon. We make chopsticks with a high safety standard.


It was around 1970 that Hyozaemon began to review the safety aspects of chopsticks. It was noticed from a Mom's simple question.

"My child is playing with the tip of chopsticks, drawing a picture like a colored pencil.
Is it okay to put chopsticks that fade like this in child's mouth? "

It was a shocking thing for us.

At that time and even now, most Japanese chopsticks are synthetic chemical paints. Hyozaemon also used synthetic chemical paints without any doubt during that time. Since then, Hyozaemon has been facing "what is true safety?" , we start making  "Chopsticks as food".

The fear of "meeting national standards"
We do not believe that the Food Sanitation Act, which is a safety standard, is really safe.
This is because current national safety standards can be labeled as the same "漆lacquer" in all of the following cases:

Hyozaemon's chopsticks are this !!

Mixture of synthetic chemical paint with even one drop of lacquer.
A synthetic chemical paint and just one-time lacquer on the surface .
Only 100% natural lacquer is applied to the finish.

As shown in the above figure, it is a standard that can be displayed as "lacquer" regardless of the content of lacquer.

Beautiful and durable synthetic chemical paint. It contains substances that we may not said to be totally safe.

​ So ...

As a manufacturer of chopsticks with the policy of "chopsticks also food"
At Hyozaemon, we have set high safety standards similar to food, and decided to use only pure lacquer [Virgin lacquer] that is pure from undercoating to finishing for chopstick tips.


Hyozaemon chopsticks for children

Children tend to give colorful chopsticks to the tip of the chopsticks that make them happy, but almost 100% of young children bite the chopsticks. The paint is taken into the body without knowing it.

Hyozaemon's children's chopsticks have 100% natural lacquer finish, which is safe and secure, even if the handle is colorful synthetic paint.
Of course, we also have chopsticks with all natural lacquer finishes up to the handle. For children who play and eat while biting their handles, please purchase chopsticks with an all-natural lacquer finish.

In addition, the natural chopsticks made of "lacquer" and "wood" that Hyozaemon continues to stick to have "warmth" that cannot be obtained from chopsticks made of plastic and synthetic chemical paint. Hyozaemon believes that touching this "warmth" and "genuine" fosters the importance of eating and the spirituality of treating tableware and things with care.


Why stick to natural lacquer

Not only is it safe for the body, but the lacquer coating also has excellent chemical properties.

[★] Not affected by acids such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid

[★] Not affected by alkali

[★] Not affected by aqua regia used when dissolving gold and platinum

[★] Waterproof

[★] Antiseptic

[★] Insect repellent

[★] Antibacterial (exhibits particularly high antibacterial properties against "Salmonella", "Enteritis vibrio", "E. coli", etc.)

Due to its excellent heat retention and low heat conductivity, it retains a moderate amount of warmth in the hands.
(Porcelain, pottery, lacquer ware in descending order of conductivity)
Anticorrosive. In iron kettles, etc., apply lacquer and then bake the surface to prevent rust.

Thus, lacquer is a wonderful gift from nature.
In addition, it has been found to have the effect of containing anti-cancer substances that raise body temperature.

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