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Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic, a way of thinking that focuses on simplicity, tranquility and the beauty of nature. The aesthetic concept of wabijaku is also incorporated into various elements of traditional Japanese culture, such as the tea ceremony and gardens. In the tea ceremony, the concept of wabi-sabi aesthetics is also reflected in the preparation of matcha, the shape of the tea bowl, and the use and production of various utensils. We designed this set of tea ceremony utensils by incorporating the wabi-sabi aesthetics of the dry landscape gardens of Japan.

Moreover, the act of tasting tea and making matcha itself represents tranquility and spiritual harmony. They contain elements of meditation and require calming the mind and cherishing the present moment. Such a spiritual experience has a deep connection with the aesthetics of wabi-sabi.

Therefore, please enjoy wabi-sabi matcha tea utensils from KI-YO. It offers a serenity of mind and a beautiful experience.

KI-YO WABI-SABI Matcha Tea Ceremony Set

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