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Cherry Pop uses coffee beans from Kenya. The coffee has a little winey aroma but does not cover the flavor of cherry blossoms, and the tea-like characteristic makes the overall taste more harmonious. All drip bags and packaging bags are made in Japan.

The colorful packaging design of Cherry Pop is inspired by pop music and Moffic's styling matches the theme of street fashion.

In addition, each box of Moffic coffee drip bag will come with an illustration card and a random style sticker, I hope everyone will have a pleasant coffee experience.


Cherry Pop (10g X 5 Bags)
Origin: Kenya
Farm: Jungle Estate
Processing: Anaerobic Natural
Taste Note: Cherry, Grapefruit,
Black Tea
Freshly Roasted in HK
Water Temperature: 94°C
Water Amount: 150ml
Brew Time: 1:20

Cherry Pop (Kenya Jungle Estate)

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