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It is a gift with the motif of "pincushion" which is a lucky charm of longevity prayer.

The long stretch of thread from the bobbin has long been used as a favorite for kimono, etc. as an auspicious pattern wishing for "longevity".
From the pincushion-shaped chopstick rest, the spun message is cutely extended.
The thread, which can be compared to the connection between people, should deliver your feelings the moment you open it.
A set of black and red chopsticks that look like gold thread.

[Message on the middle plate]
~ Long and long ~ Forever ~
I hope you are fine

[Peg] has long been a lucky charm that represents longevity as a classic pattern.

[Chopsticks] Primrose large 23.5cm / Medium 21.5cm
Wood: Natural wood (The type of wood may differ depending on the production time)
Chopsticks tip: lacquer coating Handle: urethane coating

[Paulownia box] Size: 28 x 14 cm

* The color of the actual product may differ from the image.
* Please note that there are subtle differences in each product.
* Please refrain from using the dishwasher / dryer.

* A few characters are possible, avoiding the golden lines.

Longevity prayer thread winding (primrose) couple set

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