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The flower language of peacock grass "always happy". Wishing you to be always have a good time, so we sprinkled peacock grass in a paulownia box.
The chopsticks have a "raden" cut into a line. Simple yet gorgeous, it is a popular chopstick for all ages.

[Message inside]
thank you for always. Stay healthy forever.

Peacock grass ... Flower language "always happy"

I want you to be healthy and smile forever.
May every day be a funny day.

[Size] 23.5 cm
[Wood] Natural wood (The type of wood may differ depending on the production time)
[Paint] Chopstick tip: Lacquer paint / Handle: Urethane paint [Paulownia box] Size: 28 x 6.8 cm

* Please refrain from using the dishwasher / dryer.
* The color of the actual product may differ from the image.
* Please note that there are subtle differences in each product.

Gift Flower (Message) set (drops from universe) Large 23.5 cm

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