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It is a set of 10 sets of celebratory chopsticks.

Celebration chopsticks are indispensable chopsticks for "Hare's Day" such as New Year's, weddings, and the beginning of eating.
It is called "egg-chu" because both mouths are thin and the middle part is inflated like an egg to make it thicker, and it is filled with wishes for prosperity of offspring and fertility of five grains.
Made using cedar from Yoshino, Nara Prefecture.

[Chopsticks size] 24 cm
[Package size] 24.5 cm x 7.8 cm
[Kiji] Sugi from Yoshino, Nara Prefecture [Painting] None (Innocent)
Shiraki has a white surface, so it is said to clean the place and cleanse the evil spirits.
[Chopstick bag] Made in Japan

[Precautions for use]
* You can use it every day during the three days, but
Please wash your hands before using.
* Soak the tip of chopsticks in "water" or "warm water" for about 1 minute before using.
Dirt is less likely to penetrate.
* After use, soak the tip of the chopsticks in hot water and wipe it off quickly.

Yoshino cedar celebration chopsticks egg medium 10 set set

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