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A must-see for golf players who love the earth!
Golf tee "set position" made by recycling broken bats.
Since it is unpainted, it is an earth-friendly tea that "returns to the soil".
I hope you can expand the circle of SDGs while enjoying golf!

[Wood] Bat material (Aodamo, White Ash, Maple)
[Painting] None [Quantity] 10 pieces

* There are also college baseball, adult baseball, and amateur baseball bats. It is not always a broken bat of a professional baseball player.
* We do not accept the designation of players or teams.

After being used in professional baseball, professional baseball, college baseball, etc., the broken bat series of Hyozaemon
It is made by reusing damaged bats that have finished their role and scraps that can be made when making bats.
The bat material, which has both moderate hardness and suppleness, is also ideal as a material for chopsticks.
In addition, because it is a product that regenerates a broken bat, it is a long-selling product that is loved not only by baseball fans but also by many as a symbol of "never give up" and "challenge spirit."

[Supporting the future baseball world and the conservation and development of resources]
About 200,000 wooden bats are consumed annually in professional baseball.
The ash tree, which is the main material for wooden bats, takes 60 to 70 years to grow to the size of the material.
Conservation and training is an issue.
A part of the sales of this product is used for planting and growing Aodamo through the Aodamo Resource Development Association.
It will produce the future bat again.

→ Go to the Aodamo Resource Development Association site

Set position (golf tee) [Japan only]

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