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Hyozaemon's shaved chopsticks are gems that have been carved one by one by craftsmen in pursuit of ultimate ease of use and holding.
It is one of Hyozaemon's signature products that has been loved for many years because it fits perfectly in any hand and you can't let go of it once you use it.
Enjoy the random unevenness and fit that only skilled craftsmen can create.

We use 100% natural lacquer and finish it with ground lacquer (wiping lacquer).
This technique is characterized by applying lacquer, repeatedly wiping it off, and layering it little by little to make the most of the wood and texture.
The fine particles of the lacquer itself are characterized by a rough texture.

[Size] 21.5 cm
[Wood] Ebony [Painting] Lacquer painting

* Please refrain from using the dishwasher / dryer.
* The color of the actual product may differ from the image.
* Please note that there are subtle differences in each product.

Shaved chopsticks black (middle) 21.5 cm

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