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From the handle to the tip of the chopsticks, the chopstick head is decorated with the auspicious crest "lattice".
(Checkered pattern) A type of checkered pattern was first used by Kabuki actors in the Edo period.
The performance was so popular that it was said to be auspicious.
Since the same pattern is repeated, it means "continuous" and "forever lasting".

Dry lacquer is applied to the tip, which is particularly fragile.
With this 2 mm dry lacquer, baldness of the lacquer from the tip can be prevented, and the holding of the chopstick tip will be significantly different.
Since the tip of the chopsticks is only 2 mm, it does not spoil the mouthfeel.

[Size] 21.5 cm
[Wood] Natural wood (The type of wood may differ depending on the production time)
[Painting] Chopsticks tip: lacquer coating / top cutting part: urethane coating

* Please refrain from using the dishwasher / dryer.
* The color of the actual product may differ from the image.
* Please note that there are subtle differences in each product.

Shaved chopsticks gold Lattice (Middle) 21.5 cm

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