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We pursued ease of use according to the characteristics of dishes and ingredients.
The point of slip resistance is the "shape of the chopstick tip".
Thick and slippery noodles can be caught firmly with a thick chopstick tip with a notch.
This is a set that we would like to recommend to those who say "disposable chopsticks for noodles".
If you use this, you will not be able to eat noodles with other chopsticks.

[Size] 23.5 cm
[Wood] Natural wood (The type of wood may differ depending on the production time)
[Painting] Lacquer painting

* Please refrain from using the dishwasher / dryer.
* The color of the actual product may differ from the image.
* Please note that there are subtle differences in each product.

Udon chopsticks (large) 23.5cm

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